About us

Norcott LLC provides its’ customers solution based resources for design and manufacturing of required machined parts, prototypes, and components.
Over the years, Norcott LLC has been engaged in contracts with major national industries in the following specialty areas:
             • Fluid Dynamics with polymers for the design of complex extrusion dies
             • Turn Key applications for production cells
             • Application Engineering and Prototype Machining of:
                                  Innovative Medical Equipment
                                  Military Munitions and Devices
                                  Commercial Devices
             • Automated Converting Equipment
About Us
Norcott LLC takes pride in being a solutions based company for its customers throughout the USA and abroad.
Thru its diverse experience and constant expanding network, Norcott LLC welcomes any equipment or production challenge for customers looking to increase efficiency or develop a new product.
In this world of lean manufacturing and engineering, Norcott LLC strives to be your source to fill in the gaps on projects where extra resources are needed.

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