About Us
Norcott LLC takes pride in being a solutions based company for its customers throughout the USA and abroad.
Thru its diverse experience and constant expanding network, Norcott LLC welcomes any equipment or production challenge for customers looking to increase efficiency or develop a new product.
In this world of lean manufacturing and engineering, Norcott LLC strives to be your source to fill in the gaps on projects where extra resources are needed.

Manufacturing Intuitive Solutions

At Norcott LLC our focus in quality business relationship building creates a long lasting customer base. By adding our customerís specific products and services to our network of resources, existing and future customers receive a more diverse opportunity for Norcott LLC to provide a solution on any new project.

Currently most large business models focus on lean manufacturing, companies have cut out the majority of internal engineering, smaller projects, and custom solutions. Some customers of Norcott LLC utilize us as a resource for an extension of their existing internal engineering and manufacturing. Other customers utilize Norcott LLC for turnkey solutions.

Using state of the art computer modeling we go from design straight to our CNC machines. This direct process eliminates communication errors and excessive process time. An efficient process results in an accurately manufactured solution delivered in a timely manner.