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Manufacturing Intuitive Solutions

The issue in this case study was protecting a K Laser from damage while transporting from multiple locations for use within Dr. Humphrey’s Chiropractic office of Bedford NH. A K Laser is a delicate, extremely light weight, electronic laser offered as one of the many types of physical therapies. Dr. Humphrey had looked for a cost effective mounting/transporting system but was unable to find a unit to satisfy his needs.

The solution in this study is an anti-static (to protect the electronics from static shock) polymer base plate with a recess which accepts and mates to a K Laser. Also in the recess on the base plate is a steel plate that mates to a magnet which is part of the K Lasers base. The base plate is mounted to a cart. The cart also has its own power strip which isolates the lasers electrical connection from any damage while moving the cart from location to location.